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Michael Henderson Owner

Health Management Team LLC

I have been in the health and fitness industry for more than 20 years.  I have worked with people of all ages and fitness levels. I am dedicated to assisting my clients in reaching their goals and improving the quality of their lives. What will life be like for you in 10 years if you don’t take care of yourself now?

Fitness & health walk hand in hand. My clients tell me that staying active, healthy & fit, so they can enjoy their years is what really matters to them. Being able to travel, ski, golf or play with their grandchildren are some of the things they want most. We all share these desires, so no matter where you are now commit yourself to being happy, fit and healthy!

Here is a sample of what we offer

General Fitness

· Weight Management

· Balance

· Strength

· Endurance

Athletic Training

· Golf

· Tennis

· Rowing

· Hiking


· Joint Replacement

· Surgeries

· Back Pain

Disease Management and Recovery

· Hypertension

· Diabetes

· Arthritis

All of our clients receive a comprehensive assessment. Based on the results of their assessments we develop a safe and effective program that will help them achieve their goals.

What makes us different


 If you’re not assessing your just guessing!

· Thorough Health Screening

· Functional Movement Screen

· Balance Testing

· Posture Screening

· Joint Integrity

Personal Support and Accountability

· Text Reminders

· Online Habit App

· Weekly Newsletter

We are a Team

· Text Access to a Team Leader

· Member Recognition

· Achievement Awards

Are we right for you

If you can answer yes to any of the following questions we can help:

Do you want to be healthy and fit?

Do you want to improve your athletic performance?

Are you ready to be the best you can be?

Do you want to manage your joint pain?

Do you need to lose weight?

Is balance and mobility a problem?

Do you need help managing a disease?

What Do Our Clients Say 

LeAnn Z—”Truly a life changing experience. I have lost over 100 pounds and kept it off for five years and counting!”

Susan D—"The caring and support I have received over the years go far beyond personal training. My life is significantly better because of the guidance and support Mike has provided for me."

Jean T—"I have worked with Mike for over 10 years. I was referred to him by a neighbor who had been his client. Because of my relationship with Mike I am in the best shape of  my life at age 77. I can do full  body pushups, something I never could do until I was over 70. Mike is a coach, therapist and a friend."

Call for a free success session - (209) 808-5174


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